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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. , and aight ahead chaseing -- a late-night officer to police the hospital. how it started. good morning. it is friday. thank you for waking up. >> we begin with your traffic every 10 we start with adam. is it? bad day.not a it don't get better tonight through tomorrow. off by tomorrow evening. let's first our with our frost that in effect until 9:00 a.m.. this includes washington county.
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43 degrees in the district. most of the temperature is in the upper 30's. we'll start the day with some sun. sometimes only in the lower 50s across our region. some showers to develop. tonight some areas of rain. this could mix with some smell up and down the 95 corridor. by tomorrow, we could have some spills. exception to that. in frederick and carroll county. the closer you are, the better have of accumulating snow fall. we have a winter storm watch in effect late tonight and tomorrow afternoon. comingetails up. as head on over to lisa.
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we will take what we have. no problems there. the vix get on the beltway as virginia -- it looks good the beltway so far. northbound on 270 f. montgomery village. letting one lane get by. northbound it is activity. rush hour is the southbound direction. they will be distracted by the activity. we will keep you updated. to the news desk. of a serb-- a place was a hertz. he is chasing four men suspected robbing a 711. they hit two cars on northbound route 1.
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he hit a police cruiser. >> more details in the lemon trial. the jurors got a look at evidence from the scene. we heard her first police interview. it is the state's job to scene tohe crime acument the last moment of life. pictures, after her body was discovered, and we see a scene ripe with violence. in every section of the shop. from the kitchen floor to the back stockroom. there were her purse, her jacket, in a clump of her hair thatduring the struggle ended with her death. we heard the suspected killers
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first police interview. she claimed that she had been sexually assaulted by intruders. asked the detective "can you me how my friend is doing?" they say she was struck by her hair and she was screaming. i cannot do anything. i was praying as someone would us and help. remember there being so much blood. investigators concluded her story enter bloodstained socks cover up ato gruesome crime. her legal team insists that she during a mutual cost. this is not planned. not set out to kill her co-worker. prosecutors believe that she attacked marie with several a hammer and a garment wrapped in a murder.ated and at least two occasions, the overwhelming a powerful that members of the family and victim's ones had to leave the
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courtroom. we expect more explicit testimony. abc 7 news. be sure to say with abc 7 for continuing coverage. you have a live report. >> a panel of the search resumes for nine-year-old robert wood. friends, family members, and members held a candlelight vigil. he disappeared on sunday while on a walk with a sunday. 1000 volunteers are needed today help search for him. you are asked to report at dominion. the competition is heating between apple and samsung. >> was go straight to bloomberg at the markets are up this morning. >> good morning. there is a huge rally in deed. they have the losses for the year.
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the index futures are indicating a lower open. a big one for the estimated 80 million americans that live in access regulators ofe approved the conversion a $4 billion telephone subsidy program that spawned the of broadband. part of the effort is to reduce economic growth. samsung is now the world's biggest smart phone seller. in the last quarter, it they shipped 20 million smart phones. to 70 million from apple. they have been deep in legal battles. no word cheap thrills. dvd rentals are going up at the red box. coming up. more that is business news.
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we are reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >> the seven look at sports. you >> their id was. the shocker. the world series is headed for a decisive game 7. what happens and no one will ever believe. they completed a comeback with a home run. >> what a series. >> it is for caught 37. 42 chilly degrees. major traffic problems. >> the country is seen their first snowfall. some are trying to get the wintery mix as well. will a
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area are a man jury would mix. take a lick here. falling in parts of new england. heavy snow flakes fell.
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local say they're not ready for of winter just yet. >> you could really feel the change. for its not be ready yet. not, is here it comes. we get a few snowflakes mixed in. down the 95 corridor. mainly just a cold rain tonight and tomorrow. few snowflakes on the backside the system. it is clearing out completely by nightfall. halloween parties tomorrow you'll be okay. be cold and dusty. russell is 39. we are checking in at 39. an increasing clouds tonight. lower 50's. the rain will become heavy at times the hours
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above 1,500 feet out west. temperatures mainly holding steady. a better chance of snow. ride is been a beautiful in virginia. no accidents to report right now. looks out of baltimore ok. take over 2270. northbound lane is getting by against the rush hour direction. if looks pretty good. will take you to a picture. back to pamela. >> talk to you soon. a mature writer should brace themselves for the latest track work. there'll be no green line service. several buses will be available.
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redline trains will be single between union station and dupont circle. one more note for you. they are launching a new service for providers today. they will transfer between the on the red line west station on the blue without paying an additional fare. they will walk one box to the other. 42 degrees. >> we're hearing more amazing stories of survival. >> do not be surprised if rick missing from a future debate. but his aid
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dance cooking? bring it. super durable. super absorbent. super clean. bounty the 1-sheet clean picker-upper. and try botyty napkins. back carried turning campaign.2 president obama took some of his dinner.ut to they dined in arlington last night. people that from in a context. each of them donated at least $5 to the obama campaign. associated press reports donors andf strongholds are
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holding off this time. mitt romney is getting plenty of cash from democratic areas such as california and new england. president obama is not strapped for cash. perry may skip the gop debate. follows rocky performances hurting his standing in polls. committed to participating a november night debate. he is not committed to any debate beyond that. is hoping to reintroduce to the nation on his own terms. it has been five days since powerful earthquake struck turkey. morning another survivor found alive. 13-year-old boy was pulled from the rubble. he is injured but. conscious. last night, another teenager was the rubble listed in condition.
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the iraq war veteran that was injured during a protest in have toia will not undergo surgery. from thehe word doctor. he suffered a skull fracture after being struck by a tear-gas during a crackdown on occupied oakland. been upgradedhas to fair. >> they will be kept under quarantine. the order that they remain there othersher than have claim them. he freed dozens of animals from his farm and then killed himself. 42 degrees. next, [unintelligible] y one group says the ticket is
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unfair. we will check on traffic and weather
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check and bonn weather.nd >> their appreciating yesterday's temperatures. >> big changes behind the cold front. up a runhe wind pick naipaul. -- a round windfall.
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a chilly run starting around freezing point. until then, we could be dealing few wet snowflakes. let's get temperatures. degrees in the district. upper-30's. increasing clouds and a few showers could develop later on evening, especially tonight. areas of rain and the higher theations, especially in mountains. a few wet snowflakes mixed them. we are not expecting any of this. precipitation will come to an end around nightfall. is being tossed on both directions.
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-- they are still doing some long-term construction. just talked to police. 270 northbound at montgomery village avenue. it looks relatively smooth. we talk to them. the handle this in the district. no worries on the parkway. i think we have it all covered now. >> i know you do. thank you. >> a police of a cent and five expected to bee in a corruption scandal. the indictments will be on the field this morning. he says they are accused of the authority by helping avoidedand relatives
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paying traffic tickets. >> turns out there's a different type of the pigeon issue in the district. issued 1000 tickets getting your car stuck in arecould says the tickets unfair. >> with the gridlock among worst in the nation, righwrite moretion tickets. >> why did they do that? >> they have raised questions whether the city is justified. -- they should have to get out of their cars and direct traffic when it is overwhelming. >> they are the the city should civilian traffic people unpunished drivers less.
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their drivers of agree. >> you can be behind the truck see traffic moving. the needed second the middle of an intersection. you have to look a few yards where youou to see are going. wouldn't you? we met no drivers to have been ticketed. one told us that it is rough. >> yet been ticketed. >> yes. >> times as did not block the box. >> it looks like he may have to more for movie theaters. cripes they are proposing a concession tax that will raise of candy and food at by five%.ters
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there also like to lure more filmmakers. there's still time to take our halloween costume contest. is send us a theree of your kid in we will announce the winner monday night. >> did not be shy about sending in your pictures. costume. your pet out if you running latest phase our but give away. way regionng another ipad2.away another winner will be a nnounced tonight. >> it is 43 degrees on a friday. >> the latest on the economy rises yesterday.
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a fairfax county police during a late- night chase. >> and we are getting a look at from theence collected of lululemon murder. of thee first interviewe accused killer brittany norwood.


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